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Even though I have master degrees in both nursing and physical education, Jason is my "go-to" person for completely trusted guidance in strength and conditioning. I trust him more than I trust my own learning and experience. Jason has a passion and unquenchable desire for peer-reviewed research results and evidence-based practices. Many times, it is rest and/or better recovery practices that I need for peak performance. I tend to have a "No pain, no gain" mindset, and Jason is amazingly reassuring, always giving proven results in his instruction and programs. I've learned that he always critically tries practices himself before he uses them in his instruction too.

Jason guided me through my last decade of active-duty Army training, and he has ensured that I'm injury-free and fit for all of my various "its" in my very active retirement life. I've completed a rigorous 6-mo glacier climbing course and have climbed Pikes Peak and Mts Baker, Adams, and Rainier. I'm an avid backpacker, with the 500+ mile Camino de Santiago as my longest through-hiking trek so far. My current "it" is to hike the 2700 mile distance of the Pacific Crest Trail... and I'm 65 years old and on my way! THANK YOU Jason!!!

Nancy S. (Service Member)

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